Installation Of Indoor Solar Lights

Solar-powered equipment has been on the rise due to people becoming more conscious about the environment. Aside from that, technology nowadays offers plenty of options that allow most of the population to afford it.
In fact, in 2019, experts estimated that the solar lighting market alone could possibly reach up to US$ 10.8 billion by 2024.
With that said, there is a greater chance that most residential homes will have indoor solar lighting fixtures both outside and inside in the future.
Of course, outdoor solar lights are simple to understand and often …

How to Hang Posters?

Posters are a great way to cover damaged wall paints. Whether they’re unframed or framed, they will look great on a bare wall if they’re correctly hanged. So, how can you hang your posters, right?
1. Prepare your poster.
Using your clean hands, you should take the poster out from the tube. Then, lay it on a flat surface with its printed phase facing up. To flatten the curly corners, you must weigh all four corners down using candles, books, boxes, and any heavy objects with a flat bottom.
It may take a few hours to flatten them successfully. However, if your poster is made of plastic or …

Basement Bathroom Creative Ideas

That bathroom in your basement might already look untidy. Some basement bathrooms no longer have good lighting and proper maintenance, making them unusable.
However, suppose you have a passion for creating and innovating. In that case, this might be an opportunity for you to remodel your bathroom with some chic designs! Here is how.
1.Use bold floral wallpapers.
Applying dramatic wallpaper is such a brilliant idea to give your bathroom or powder room style. Vibrant and bold floral wallpapers make the room look aesthetically pleasing. However, make sure not to exaggerate it by covering all your walls…

Why Am I More Productive with My Messy Desk?

Most people think a messy desk is an eyesore. However, it is proof of their productivity and progress for some. Here is why:
1. It brings them comfort.
You cannot be productive in a place that makes you uneasy or uncomfortable. Even if you freed the entire house from clutter, there would always be a reason why a person’s desk still has a pile of paperwork and scattered pens. Well, that’s what they’re used to seeing every day, and clearing it would make them anxious.
2. They know where they place everything.
If you try to rearrange someone’s messy desk…

Cult Pieces Made Achievable Than Ever

The furnishing company IKEA promised to release the new digital updates. Today, a completely updated app has improved the user experience.
Shop from the Comforts of Your Couch!
Since the company launched its application in July 2019, it has been installed by almost five million digital users in Japan, France, Sweden, and the United States. Until now, the application has been a “companion in-store app” or an “item-by-item” element of the market.
The most recent update was launched on January 13. The company added new and more essential features that its users did not enjoy last year. The…

What Does Your Enneagram Tell About Your Interior Design?

You most probably have heard about the nine personality types and the Enneagram if you are reading this.
Well, it might be all over the internet, and it might be one of your workplace conversation topics. However, did you consider what your tendencies and dominant type say regarding your home interior design? Learn more here.

The Reformer

Traits: Self-controlled and rational
Home design: You will feel more comfortable when your space is well-polished and practical. Thus, you are fond of applying the minimalist style.

The Helper

Traits: …

How to Creatively Elevate Your Bare Space

Mixing or combining stuff in a similar color spectrum will give your room an inviting and rich ambiance. There is a difference between designing and merely decorating your room with no specific theme applied.
Thus, it is essential to know what elements to add to truly “upgrade” your interior’s appearance.
1. Layering textures
If you are designing a study room, an ideal theme should be monochromatic. Thus, the kind of space you are redesigning is also an essential factor to consider. An eye-catching room can have an oak-made cabinet, a matte carpet, and a silk bed sheet. These …

How to Properly Remove Wallpapers

Wallpapers are not meant to stick on your wall for a lifetime. After years of enjoying its aesthetically pleasing designs, it is time to remove and replace them.
The removal process is unavoidably the hardest thing to do because it can tatter your wall aside from being so time-consuming.
Although ruining the wall’s original paint is hard to prevent, there are ways to minimize it. Here are some of them.
1. Scrape them off.
Using your bare hands or knife, scrape the wallpaper off gently until your wall becomes empty. Just minimize scraping off the wall’s paint along with the …

Which Is Better: To Roll Paint or Spray Paint?

When you want to color your walls with paint, it can be challenging to know if you are on the right page. Here, we will talk about which is best for your interior theme and budget: spray paint or roll paint?
Using spray paint reduces the annoyances and inconveniences you might experience using a roller. Spray paints are also easy to apply on textured walls and effectively fill small gaps, pores, and bumps.
Moreover, spray painting consumes less time, especially when dealing with wide spaces. It also creates a smoother effect quickly compared to roller paints. However, the preparation can be time-consuming. It may require a …

2021’s Top 3 Interior Designs for Kitchen

Well, 2020 has always proved the essence of a home, and it includes the importance of an aesthetic kitchen.
Undeniably, some spend most of their time in the kitchen during the pandemic to cook good food for the whole hungry family. Here are some kitchen ideas that emerged last year.
1. Green cabinets
Dark green is a bold color and has been a trend since many have applied this a few years ago. Well, it can’t be denied that it looks good on a bare white background wall. Just make sure that your kitchen appliances and furniture have a neutral color so your cabinetry system will be emphasized….

2021’s Top 3 Interior Designs for Bathrooms

Of course, bathrooms should not be excluded when it comes to interior redesigning. Bathroom rearrangements and remodeling have become a hobby for people who have stayed home most of the time during the pandemic.
Here are the top 3 bathroom interior designs that emerged last year.
1. Statement lighting
People have been buying grand or minimalist chandeliers to enhance their bathroom ambiance. No one wanted to take a bath in a dark or poorly lit shower area, so they might have to add more lighting on every corner. Aesthetic and simple chandeliers can also be placed above the tubs.
2. …

2021’s Top 3 Interior Designs for Living Rooms

Last year, most people spent most of their time staying inside because of the pandemic. Many have resorted to working from home setups and organized their stuff more often because they can’t stand seeing cluttered stuff.
Also, staying home obliged them to enhance their homes’ ambiance to promote convenience and relaxation. Because of the stay-at-home rule, some interior designs emerged last year. Check some of them out below.
1. Cozy arrangements
People have observed many changes in their interiors this New Year. Most of them testified that their arrangements became a lot cozier today …

Ideas for Basket Wall Decorations

Thinking about beautifying a bare wall is tough, especially when there are some aesthetic standards to follow. You cannot just add random colors or install random sized shelves on it.
However, have you ever considered decorating it with baskets? Yes, you heard it right. Baskets look amazing on dull walls and can make your job a lot easier. Here are some ideas for basket wall decorations.
1. Hang one basket.
You may buy baskets from local shops or designers. Either way, it is an ideal way to beautify your dull-looking walls. It consumes space in a way that doesn’t make your wall look “…