That bathroom in your basement might already look untidy. Some basement bathrooms no longer have good lighting and proper maintenance, making them unusable.

However, suppose you have a passion for creating and innovating. In that case, this might be an opportunity for you to remodel your bathroom with some chic designs! Here is how.

1.Use bold floral wallpapers.

Applying dramatic wallpaper is such a brilliant idea to give your bathroom or powder room style. Vibrant and bold floral wallpapers make the room look aesthetically pleasing. However, make sure not to exaggerate it by covering all your walls. So, leave the adjacent walls bare.

2. Graphic tiles

To enhance a functional space, you can make some DIY renovations to transform your bare walls into classic subway tiles. These are applied beside or across a shower glass for variety. These subway tile graphics could be white, dirty white, or brown.

3. DIY bathroom makeovers

There is no better opportunity to apply your creativity other than spending only $40 on a DIY bathroom makeover. Although this can be challenging, you can achieve this through a minimalist style. Minimalist interior designs don’t cost you much, especially for the furniture.

  1. Mixed marble

Are you obsessed with marbles? You can install it for your sink and shower floors. Marbles give your bathroom an elegant appearance. You may choose white and gold marble patterns to make your bathroom look neat and bright. Don’t forget to not overdo it. Just apply them to selected areas and leave other areas bare.

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