Posters are a great way to cover damaged wall paints. Whether they’re unframed or framed, they will look great on a bare wall if they’re correctly hanged. So, how can you hang your posters, right?

1. Prepare your poster.

Using your clean hands, you should take the poster out from the tube. Then, lay it on a flat surface with its printed phase facing up. To flatten the curly corners, you must weigh all four corners down using candles, books, boxes, and any heavy objects with a flat bottom.

It may take a few hours to flatten them successfully. However, if your poster is made of plastic or is already framed, you may proceed to the next step.

2. Choose your spot.

You should pick where you desire to put your poster. You may place it anywhere as long as it will not be directly exposed to sunlight. Otherwise, it is most likely to have faded colors over time.

3. Choose your method of adhesion.

There are plenty of options to choose from. Suppose you want your frames to be easily removed when you don’t want them anymore. In that case, you should not use standard tapes because even though they are the cheapest, they are not designed for easy removability.

Thus, it is essential to buy adhesives that will not deteriorate the wall where you hung your poster. These special adhesives consist of unique formulas intended to allow your poster to be detached from your wall cleanly.

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