Of course, bathrooms should not be excluded when it comes to interior redesigning. Bathroom rearrangements and remodeling have become a hobby for people who have stayed home most of the time during the pandemic.

Here are the top 3 bathroom interior designs that emerged last year.

1. Statement lighting

People have been buying grand or minimalist chandeliers to enhance their bathroom ambiance. No one wanted to take a bath in a dark or poorly lit shower area, so they might have to add more lighting on every corner. Aesthetic and simple chandeliers can also be placed above the tubs.

2. Subway tiles

You might have seen these wallpapers on social media, but some people took it to the next level. They upgraded their bathrooms by installing bricks and tiles into their dull walls. As long as the brick’s brownish color matches the room’s overall theme, it’s good to go. However, some prefer to paste wallpapers instead of replacing them if they’d easily change their minds.

3. Graphic wallpaper

Wallpapers make every home designing enthusiast’s job a lot easier. You may go for a classic print that matches your neatly painted walls. Still, if you have a vibrant character, a dramatic graphic will do to satisfy your desire for vibrancy.

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