What Does Your Enneagram Tell About Your Interior Design?

You most probably have heard about the nine personality types and the Enneagram if you are reading this.
Well, it might be all over the internet, and it might be one of your workplace conversation topics. However, did you consider what your tendencies and dominant type say regarding your home interior design? Learn more here.

The Reformer

Traits: Self-controlled and rational
Home design: You will feel more comfortable when your space is well-polished and practical. Thus, you are fond of applying the minimalist style.

The Helper

Traits: …

How to Creatively Elevate Your Bare Space

Mixing or combining stuff in a similar color spectrum will give your room an inviting and rich ambiance. There is a difference between designing and merely decorating your room with no specific theme applied.
Thus, it is essential to know what elements to add to truly “upgrade” your interior’s appearance.
1. Layering textures
If you are designing a study room, an ideal theme should be monochromatic. Thus, the kind of space you are redesigning is also an essential factor to consider. An eye-catching room can have an oak-made cabinet, a matte carpet, and a silk bed sheet. These …