Mixing or combining stuff in a similar color spectrum will give your room an inviting and rich ambiance. There is a difference between designing and merely decorating your room with no specific theme applied.

Thus, it is essential to know what elements to add to truly “upgrade” your interior’s appearance.

1. Layering textures

If you are designing a study room, an ideal theme should be monochromatic. Thus, the kind of space you are redesigning is also an essential factor to consider. An eye-catching room can have an oak-made cabinet, a matte carpet, and a silk bed sheet. These elements extract a more relaxing and cozy appearance.

2.Decorate your room with meaningful objects

You cannot place sentimental objects in your bathroom because it would either get wet or become less noticed. Display your vintage remembrances on your center table or room shelf. In that way, when you have visitors, it becomes a conversational piece.

3. Accessorize your ceilings 

A bare ceiling might be unnoticed for people who rarely stay at home. Still, ceilings have become a blank canvas for creative ideas during the pandemic. You can purchase minimalist chandeliers online and start accessorizing your ceilings with bright, elegant lights.

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