You most probably have heard about the nine personality types and the Enneagram if you are reading this.

Well, it might be all over the internet, and it might be one of your workplace conversation topics. However, did you consider what your tendencies and dominant type say regarding your home interior design? Learn more here.

  • The Reformer

Traits: Self-controlled and rational

Home design: You will feel more comfortable when your space is well-polished and practical. Thus, you are fond of applying the minimalist style.

  • The Helper

Traits: Generous and very sociable

Home design: You want a place that has plenty of pillows, blankets, and cozy chairs.

  • The Achiever

Traits: Very goal-oriented and focused on your future.

Home design: As a competitive achiever, you will resort to high-end items and furniture style to impress your guests.

  • The Artist

Traits: Introspective and moody

Home design: Since your taste is unique, you are a nonconformist when choosing furniture sets.

  • The Investigator

Traits: Innovative and perceptive

Home design: You want an approachable and simplistic space.

  • The Loyalist

Traits: Profoundly committed to your responsibilities and relationships

Home design: You prefer traditional to modern styles.

  • The Enthusiast

Traits: Spontaneous and energetic

Home design: Your designs are brighter, bolder, and more eclectic.

  • The Challenger

Traits: Very passionate and assertive

Home design: Your design is a combination of lavishness and carefully-crafted areas.

  • The Peacemaker

Traits: Personable and welcoming

Home design: Your interiors apply your style and other’s style, which results in a hybrid output.

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