Most people think a messy desk is an eyesore. However, it is proof of their productivity and progress for some. Here is why:

1. It brings them comfort.

You cannot be productive in a place that makes you uneasy or uncomfortable. Even if you freed the entire house from clutter, there would always be a reason why a person’s desk still has a pile of paperwork and scattered pens. Well, that’s what they’re used to seeing every day, and clearing it would make them anxious.

2. They know where they place everything.

If you try to rearrange someone’s messy desk, they might no longer find where you placed their sticky notes and pens. The fact that the time they allocated for work was spent looking for their lost eyeglasses can be frustrating, not to mention time-consuming.

3. They’re reminded of what they have.

Things that clutter on a person’s desk might include their favorite mug, credit and debit cards, and their newly bought phone. These things will serve as an inspiration for them to continue working harder every day.

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