2021’s Top 3 Interior Designs for Kitchen

Well, 2020 has always proved the essence of a home, and it includes the importance of an aesthetic kitchen.
Undeniably, some spend most of their time in the kitchen during the pandemic to cook good food for the whole hungry family. Here are some kitchen ideas that emerged last year.
1. Green cabinets
Dark green is a bold color and has been a trend since many have applied this a few years ago. Well, it can’t be denied that it looks good on a bare white background wall. Just make sure that your kitchen appliances and furniture have a neutral color so your cabinetry system will be emphasized….

2021’s Top 3 Interior Designs for Bathrooms

Of course, bathrooms should not be excluded when it comes to interior redesigning. Bathroom rearrangements and remodeling have become a hobby for people who have stayed home most of the time during the pandemic.
Here are the top 3 bathroom interior designs that emerged last year.
1. Statement lighting
People have been buying grand or minimalist chandeliers to enhance their bathroom ambiance. No one wanted to take a bath in a dark or poorly lit shower area, so they might have to add more lighting on every corner. Aesthetic and simple chandeliers can also be placed above the tubs.
2. …

2021’s Top 3 Interior Designs for Living Rooms

Last year, most people spent most of their time staying inside because of the pandemic. Many have resorted to working from home setups and organized their stuff more often because they can’t stand seeing cluttered stuff.
Also, staying home obliged them to enhance their homes’ ambiance to promote convenience and relaxation. Because of the stay-at-home rule, some interior designs emerged last year. Check some of them out below.
1. Cozy arrangements
People have observed many changes in their interiors this New Year. Most of them testified that their arrangements became a lot cozier today …