Why Am I More Productive with My Messy Desk?

Most people think a messy desk is an eyesore. However, it is proof of their productivity and progress for some. Here is why:
1. It brings them comfort.
You cannot be productive in a place that makes you uneasy or uncomfortable. Even if you freed the entire house from clutter, there would always be a reason why a person’s desk still has a pile of paperwork and scattered pens. Well, that’s what they’re used to seeing every day, and clearing it would make them anxious.
2. They know where they place everything.
If you try to rearrange someone’s messy desk…

Cult Pieces Made Achievable Than Ever

The furnishing company IKEA promised to release the new digital updates. Today, a completely updated app has improved the user experience.
Shop from the Comforts of Your Couch!
Since the company launched its application in July 2019, it has been installed by almost five million digital users in Japan, France, Sweden, and the United States. Until now, the application has been a “companion in-store app” or an “item-by-item” element of the market.
The most recent update was launched on January 13. The company added new and more essential features that its users did not enjoy last year. The…

What Does Your Enneagram Tell About Your Interior Design?

You most probably have heard about the nine personality types and the Enneagram if you are reading this.
Well, it might be all over the internet, and it might be one of your workplace conversation topics. However, did you consider what your tendencies and dominant type say regarding your home interior design? Learn more here.

The Reformer

Traits: Self-controlled and rational
Home design: You will feel more comfortable when your space is well-polished and practical. Thus, you are fond of applying the minimalist style.

The Helper

Traits: …